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Super Shots From Recent Events!

Find photos from a recent event you attended. Click on an icon below to open the gallery and view all of the photos. You will be redirected to our photo hosting site and your event may require a password. Let us know if you need help finding the event you’re looking for or getting in with a password.

Be sure to connect with us at Facebook and Instagram too! Annnd… read our 5-Star Reviews on Yelp. You can leave us a review if you had fun (or didn’t!) We really want to know what you think and appreciate all feedback.

Looking for an event that’s not here? We do move galleries from time to time to make room for new ones. Try finding yours at our photo hosting site:


Ready to capture great moments with your Besties and all of the family on your special day?

From associated student activities to winter formal; high school reunions or the 5th grade dance, anyone at any age can take their best shot in the photo booth and cherish their school daze!

Your Photo Booth Rental comes with a customized booth set-up! Choose from ‘open’ or ‘closed’, or even ‘partially closed’ photo booth and add your favorite backdrop color to make those best shots really POP!

‘Closed’, ‘Open’ or ‘No’ Booth. We’ll find the right set-up for your space and event vibe.

Reserve Your Date and Time.  >>CLICK HERE<<

Something Missing? If you cannot see your photos on our SmugMug gallery, your host may have requested a password. We can retrieve that password for you. Simply drop us a line and we will send it straight away so you can have access to download, comment, share and print anything you like, at no cost. It’s all free!

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Please reach out on our Contact Page to inquire about a photo booth rental at your party!

2 thoughts on “Photo Gallery

  1. 😍 love it! Made the ducky event more awesome.

  2. did know this photo gallery was up yet. really great time with Victoria and her A team. They kept the kids in line and having fun at our birthday party this February. When the printer ran out of ink they fixed it right up and we only waited a few minutes to get pictures. I would reccomend them. really good with kids and really fun. thank you from Ana and Leo in Sylmar.

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