With Annnd…Action! event bookings are priced as hourly blocks, “not packages” with a two-hour minimum for most* indoor events. Lots included! We can provide add-ons that you might like too. Read on… 

For most events and private parties (at home, backyards, small venues):

  • Two hours (minimum):  $375
  • Three Hours:   $475
  • Four Hours:  $550
  • Five Hours +: $125 per hour

For weddings, large venue or corporate events (prices reflect unique loading/set-up situations, idle time and extra ‘dressing’ to ensure the booth looks its most elegant to match the occasion):

  • Two hours (minimum):  $500
  • Three Hours:   $600
  • Four Hours:  $750
  • Five Hours +: $175 per hour

Don’t let price be your main focus when hiring a photo booth! Remember: “You get what your pay for”  (At least you should.) Give us a call, find out what we’re all about and shop around.

“Yes!” we will RFP for your corporate event.  Note: Major holidays may also impact rates.¹

Every event we service includes:

  • Annnd…Action! Photo Booth Sample Photos (not iPad pictures)
  • ‘Closed’ booth or ‘open’ booth set-up
  • Large selection of clean props/disguises, themed for your event – so your guests can get seriously silly 
  • Free personalized, custom-designed touch screen and photo print designs
  • Your choice of postcards or filmstrips photo print (one design only)
  • Unlimited turns/photo sessions for your guests
  • Prints for everyone in a photo (hi quality thermal photographs take just 10 seconds to print!)
  • Digital copies that can be instantly shared via text, email or social media**
  • Free online gallery with all Hi Res images from the event – password protected to share with just friends and family
  • Free consultation, on-site set up and breakdown
  • Always friendly and professional attendants (we don’t sit around on our phones hanging out half asleep – we’re aim to make sure YOUR guests have BIG FUN!)

BOOK NOW  Reserve your date & time. No $$ required until contract is presented.



You tell us your vision –  We make it happen!

  • Take your pick from our Annnd…Action! Photo Booth Complimentary Backdrops or provide your own
  • Customize your photos – select layout, colors & logo
  • Choose from single prints (4×6) or classic (2×6) filmstrips – Select a horizontally skewed image to stand out from the rest!
  • Decide if you want to add on social media delivery or green screen elements
  • Full props department: we’ll bring lots of cool, clean props to your party! (Please tell us if we should limit anything – examples: scary masks, fake weapons, fake cigars, etc.)

Annnd…Action!  Add-ons:

Here are some popular add-ons we offer.  If there’s something different you might like- just let us know. We’re flexible and creative – you call the shots…or leave the details to us!

Thumb Drive / Memory Stick with Photo Files – Request to have your files downloaded onto a convenient thumb drive at the end of the event. Allows easy access for reprints!  Cost: $10 fee.

Dual Design Option – One design printout isn’t enough? You can choose to have up to two different designs for your guests to pick from and print at the end of their photo session. Must be same size print/same amount of photos.  Cost: $50 Set-up fee.  

Sample Custom Touchscreen Layout
Photo booth guests can choose which design they want to print their photos as.
Choose Design A or B – Both Customized for you!


Film Strip Bookmark Covers – Put those photos to good use! We’ll provide each of your guests with a clear plastic photo protector with a cute tassel on top that you can distribute, or we will give to your guests as they visit the booth. Cost: $.25 per cover (Requires advance ordering – minimum 10 days prior to your event)

Film Strip Photo Frames – Display those filmstrip memories for all to see.  We’ll provide each of your guests with a stand-up, clear photo frame that you can place on tables for your guests to fill once they visit the booth. Cost: $1.00 per frame (Requires advance ordering – minimum 10 days prior to your event)

Photo Key Chains – Carry your memories with you everywhere on these clever key chains. Guests will get their photos strips, plus a nifty keepsake. Cost:  $1.00 per keychain (Requires advance ordering – minimum 10 days prior to your event. Template restrictions do apply – please ask.)

Green Screen – Place your guests right on the set: the scene of the crime? the big game? or a tropical location? Backgrounds are available, or give us your ideas… we’ll make it look like your guests are really there! Cost: Green-screen setup fee is $150 . Please note, green screen is only available with the 4×6 postcard format, not film strips. Ask for a sample image and we’ll show you how it works.


The Fine Print: 

– Any choice of booth set-up requires a minimum of 12 x 12 flat, clean space.

– Select from one 4 x 6 postcard style  -OR-  2 x 6 classic film strip style printouts. We can split your session to accommodate two different versions of the SAME style for an additional set up fee of $50. 

–  ¹ Major holidays require us to give up our holiday time for yours. Please expect up to a 45% increase of our current posted rates for the following: New Years Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day (Weekend), 4th of July (Day), Labor Day (Weekend), Thanksgiving (Weekend), or Christmas Eve. (Closed Christmas Day.) Thank you for your understanding. 

– We arrive approx. 1.5 hours in advance for set-up and begin breakdown once the contracted time is over. Don’t worry- if your guests are in the middle of a session, we won’t push anyone out; but like at the supermarket, when time is up, we notify the last guest in line and alert other guests that the photo booth is closing/closed. If you wish us to remain open longer: if schedule permits, we can stay open in ½ increments for an overtime fee of $90 per each half hour requested or accrued.

– Set-up requires a dedicated 3-prong electrical outlet within 25-feet of the photo booth set-up area.  Safety first: please know, we may need to tape down extension cords if hiding them away from pathways is not an option. For outdoor events, if we must bring a gas generator or solar panel, the fee is $100.  Please keep in mind gas generators do make machine noises!  

– **Social Media and/or email does requires a WiFi connection for real-time sharing, otherwise all posts will uploaded after the event is over.  Not available for events scheduled with less than 5 days notice. WiFi hotspot may be an option, price TBD. 

– We will reserve a time slot for you upon verbal agreement and a $50 retainer will be due at time of contract (within 48 hours) to fully secure the date/time of your event. Retainers are payable via cash, personal check, money order, Paypal (credit cards taken using Paypal or Square). 

BOOK NOW   to reserve your date & time.

Please also read the Annnd… Action! Photo Booth  Cancellations Policy

**Pricing listed as of November 2021.  Prices subject to change at any time. Three-Hour Minimum required for some outdoor/Remote events: those which require early set-up or travel time due to Distance or extra work Required to handle non-customary load-in and load-out of the equipment. NOMINAL Fees TBD.

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