Meet the Owner

 Annnd… Action! Photo Booth is a private, female-owned small business located in the Los Angeles area. We are a California LLC and fully insured.


Established in 2016,  Annnd… Action! Photo Booth is the creation of marketing professional, Victoria Genin; and the culmination of a ton of effort – to build a fun, creative, small business that can make both kids and adults smile and help festive occasions become even more special!

Victoria brings to the table years of experience managing the coordination of large and small, private & industry events across the U.S., in addition to helping others with their on and offline marketing initiatives. She is a graduate with honors from Cal State Univ. Los Angeles (Go Golden Eagles!) and a BA in Film and TV Broadcasting. 


1. the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one’s goals.

“success”. Unabridged. Random House, Inc. May 2016.

Let’s work together towards a goal of ensuring your event is an amazing success! You call the shots… we’ll make it happen.

Contact Us with any questions and to book your Photo Booth experience.

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