Somewhere soon… There’s a Prom Going On!

Can you believe it? It’s that time again…  Back. To. School.

That means…  books. bags. tablets. pencils. new clothes. new shoes. and soon…

PROM!    Sorry, we mean: “OMG!!!! PROOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!” 

Prom is that coming of age event all Seniors wait for their entire school career

(Wait- what –  That’s 11 years!!?)

You’ve waited long enough . NOW is YOUR time to enjoy – with all the activities ranging from choosing outfits and corsages. Dancing. The limo, the dinners and parties, and how about those group shots before and after?

Another way to keep it exciting and memorable is to add a Photo Booth!  (Yeah, yeah, we want you to hire our photo booth (duh!) but…)

Now’s YOUR chance to put down the selfie stick (doesn’t go with your clutch anyway) and let us handle the snaps, while you just be you. Mug with friends and share your amazing prom experience with everyone using our ‘share to social media’ options.

We know you have a lot to worry about: your outfit, looking swank for your date, getting home before curfew — so just leave the photos to us.  Get copies of your pics to keep for a lifetime.  Share with your kids later. (They’ll laugh:  “ha ha ha mom & dad, these filmstrips you had in the old days look crazy compared to our hologram cloud. wow! how did you even handle it?”)

Talk to your Associated Students Leaders about getting the Annnd… Action! Photo Booth for your prom. We promise, it’ll be awesome.



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