COVID-19 in 2020

We’ve created a blog to track thoughts and progress on the COVID-19 Situation. We’ll continue to update here as we update our site with new news and information. Hard to think someday we could look back upon this and all say, “Wow. Remember the Corona virus? It was terrible. Thank goodness things are so much better now.

August 25, 2020 COVID-19 UPDATE: The Governor of California has just declared several counties to be off of the ‘watch’ list. Unfortunately, LA County is not quite there, but looking good, as case rates are dropping. Thanks to everyone wearing a mask and keeping those hands clean! No thanks to folks throwing large wild parties with no social distancing in place. It is unfortunate, because we would like to be there for YOUR big event and every single time a person, group or event-related business breaks these guidelines; it sets us ALL back a little bit. Today, the Governor also announced updated guidelines, allowing for groups of up to 14 people to cohort, which can minimize contract tracing needs. Keep it in the family, folks! At this point, we look forward to seeing you all very, very soon.

June 10, 2020: We’re almost there! LA County just announced that some businesses can get back to a new normal by the end of the week. This includes restaurants, gyms, day camps and sports facilities, and small gatherings – all with modified spacing restrictions.

With Annnd…Action! Photo Booth, we’re also able to adhere to these restrictions. At your event, it’s 1) easy to visit the photo booth 2) get a QR code for the event, or create your own personal one 3) stay a safe distance apart 4) snap your photos 5) pick up your print. Our team always stays on site ready to assist: fully masked up with hand sanitizer near by. We can push the button for you, or you use your phone to activate the QR code to start your session. All of the customization with your name and event, colors and theme stays the same. The same great high quality prints are all yours.

Please call us to reserve our booth for your event and let’s celebrate together! Safely.

Sample touch-less screen for 4th of July. Just aim the QR code on your phone + your session will start! Custom codes will email your pics and we’ll still print a copy for each guest.

May 15, 2020 COVID-19 UPDATE:  A few days ago, the County and City announced that it looks as we may have to endure a summer of continued ‘lockdown’ here in Los Angeles – but that doesn’t mean it’s under the same boring standards.  In a bid to keep us safe, it seems things will slowly but surely, re-open. We are optimistic there is a ‘safe’ way to get the fun rolling again and we’re very excited!

In addition to the continuous sanitizing on site and new option of one-time use props, you can still take your best shots touch free.  Our software recognizes faces, so when you can grab your small group and pop into the shot,  the camera will automatically do the rest. 3 Poses. Big Smiles.  NO TOUCH REQUIRED!

Same printouts as usual- or just go all digital!  There are so many ways we can still have fun and still stay safe.#YourDayYourWay !

April 21, 2020 COVID-19 UPDATE: Testing is becoming more available nationally as it looks like many states / locales will get close to the needed drop in cases – a downward curve which will allow us to open again. We sure hope so. We’re exploring new ways to retain social distancing. Already, the camera is set for approximately six feet away from guests. We use a camera leveler and zoom lens to make sure we can fit everyone into a photo. We can use sanitizing wipes on the touch screen, or just let us click it for each guest. We can also move to disposable props, or none at all, in addition to using Lysol in-between turns. There are lots of ways to make the photo booth experience the most safe for everyone and still have a great time. For now… we’ll focus on getting ‘open’, ‘open’, ‘open’ when it’s safe to do so.

April 15, 2020 COVID-19 UPDATE: While we remain #saferathome during this crisis, we are helping our neighbors, friends and family near; and keeping in touch with those afar. Keep your social interactions up with programs like Facetime and Zoom. We’re also working on creating an even better experience with our photo booth and can’t wait to share our progress when the orders are lifted. Hang in there everyone… we’re optimistic that we will all be back to ‘normal’ soon!

March 27, 2020 COVID-19 UPDATE: As you all are aware, we’re under orders to #stayhome and be #saferathome during this crisis. We hope everyone is doing this and we will all stay healthy and be free from this terrible virus soon. In the interim, keep your smiles on and we can’t wait to see them when this passes. We can take your calls to discuss future events, or if you just want to chat. Call us.

March 12, 2020 COVID-19 UPDATE: The State of California, following CDC recommendations, has advised that people avoid large group gatherings of 250 persons or more. Annnd…Action! Photo Booth will adhere to these guidelines and will not provide services to large groups until April 5th or until further notice and as information develops.

We thoroughly clean all equipment after each event and in many instances, clean as we go. We have always used clorox wipes and lysol sprays to disinfect our gear. We also have hand sanitizer on site at every event. These have always been our methods. Now, while these measures do not make us or anyone immune to the virus, it is our understanding that these measures can help mitigate the spread of this virus and keep everyone less subject to the bad germs that create it.

For now, we have suspended operations and to everyone, we say use common sense; stay safe and keep a smile on. We will get through this situation together.

Thank you.

All of us at Annnd…Action! Photo Booth

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