Washing Away Covid Cobwebs

The Photo Booth team took a field trip to the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California this Sunday to shake off some of our COVID-19 cobwebs. Having just reopened and requiring reservations at this time, the Huntington wasn’t very busy at all. It was a lovely day to explore and be in nature: not too hot, nor too cold.

The Huntington Gardens feature more than 180 acres of flora, from the desert to the jungle, from Australia to Zimbabwe, there are so many varieties of plants and flowers its amazing how they keep it all up!

The population of unafraid birds, reptiles, squirrels and bunnies are a joy to see.

Throughout the landscape, there are many works of art and water features.

It’s truly exhilarating and completely peaceful at the same time. The gardens are a place that everyone should experience at least once.

While there, we captured some of the water and created a short video. Close your eyes and just hear the relaxing sounds or project it to your tv and use it as your backdrop for other activities.

Click Here to Download and enjoy as we did. See you soon at the Huntington!


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